Get to Know Me

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Elisa Cohen

Baby Sleep Sound is a sleep consulting service that helps families around the globe solve their childrens’ sleep issues. Its founder, Elisa Cohen, is a certified sleep consultant through the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management.


Upon welcoming my baby boy into this world, I had a rude awakening (literally) when he had significant trouble sleeping. I was exhausted and overwhelmed as a first-time mom and my baby was constantly cranky and gaining weight as the only way to soothe him seemed to be a bottle. I needed information so I read everything I could and improvised self-created methods. Finally, I learned enough and found a proven method that worked for my child and other methods that helped my friends’ children. 


Prior to starting Sleep Sound, I received a Bachelor's degree from Boston University’s School of Management and went on to work in production for business news. Afterwards, I moved to the public sector connecting international startups with big companies in the United States. I thrived on finding solutions to solve company issues and enjoyed developing interpersonal relationships with those I worked with.


Outside of my work life, I love travelling and cooking. Hosting friends and family for meals and events and creating new memories for my family are passions of mine. When my baby goes to sleep and I get that occasional “me time”, I enjoy a great classic movie binge, as well!

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