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Why Sleep Train

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Happy Baby

Babies need that skill in order to get enough rest so that they can wake up happy and alert. Happy babies are more playful, interactive and interested in their surroundings. Without sleep, babies are frustrated, cranky, and easily irritated. A baby will have greater self-confidence once they know they can fall asleep completely on their own.

Healthy Baby

The information a child absorbs depends on the amount and quality of their REM sleep. During this period, the brain organizes the information they gained while they were awake so that they can take in new information when they wake up. A lot of babies and young children rely on a crutch such as a bottle, pacifier, rocking, bouncing, etc in order to fall asleep. These dependencies are unhealthy and can have negative consequences later on.


Happy Parents

When a child is unhappy, parents are typically having a difficult time, as well. It is so hard to see your child sad while you feel helpless as a parent. Sometimes the parent is so sleep-deprived that s/he lacks the energy needed to spend quality time with their child and partner. It is important to know that there is a solution out there that will work for your family.